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SPRINKLE & SWEEP - Pet Accident Cleanup Aid & Deodorizer-5qt

SPRINKLE & SWEEP - Pet Accident Cleanup Aid & Deodorizer-5qt

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Say goodbye to pee-soaked paper towels...forever!! Veterinary-approved Sprinkle & Sweep provides effortless cleanup of even the stinkiest and dirtiest pet messes! Activated Carbon derived from Coconuts powers Sprinkle & Sweep's Stink-Lock Technology; they combine their powerful cleaner with a pine aroma to leave the area smelling fresh. This remarkable pet home deodorizer works as a strong filtering mechanism, trapping stinky odors permanently – so your house always smells fresh. This all-natural product destroys stinky odors on contact while being pet safe and non-toxic. Simply sprinkle on, sweep up and dispose of! Cleans diarrhea, vomit, urine as well as household spills such as broken eggs, and motor oil in seconds. Sprinkle a thin top layer into litter boxes, crate trays, garbage cans and more to instantly deodorize stinky pet odors. Enhances moisture wicking in the litter box, effectively extending litter lifespan and performance. Use to quickly cleanup messy spills in the kitchen and spilled motor oil in the garage.

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